Everyone loves a list.

So in no particular order, here’s a list of 66 anxiety-inducing, stress-causing, dread-enhancing worries and concerns keeping small businesses in Australia awake at night:

  1. Your business doesn’t appear when searching Google
  2. You don’t know which searches to appear for (your business is quite specific and hard to define)
  3. You get plenty of poor-quality enquiries but not enough high-quality enquiries
  4. You spend a lot of time nurturing prospects that fizzle out and go elsewhere
  5. You get a lot of clicks but revenue isn’t increasing as hoped
  6. You find it exhausting constantly second-guessing Google AdWords
  7. You don’t know whether AdWords is profitable but continue to invest in it anyway
  8. You haven’t compared your campaigns with anything else, you don’t know what options exist out there
  9. You’re too embarrassed for someone external to assess your current campaigns
  10. You don’t want valuable data leaving your business
  11. Google AdWords keeps changing and causes anxiety
  12. You’re not tracking enquiries in Google Analytics and don’t know which keywords are working
  13. You’re unsure whether previous sales have come from AdWords or word of mouth
  14. You’re finding Google AdWords increasingly difficult and time-consuming
  15. You can’t get the data you need to run your business smoothly
  16. Attempting to obtain meaningful reporting causes data overload and analysis paralysis
  17. You feel anxious about your AdWords campaigns, guilty for not giving them attention
  18. Enquiries are volatile and inconsistent, busy days followed by quiet days, causing stresses running your business
  19. You’re increasingly time-limited but have an endless to-do list
  20. You’re overloaded with admin and paperwork
  21. You keep meaning to sort out Google AdWords but it never gets done
  22. Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year
  23. You constantly find yourself working IN the business and rarely ON the business
  24. You have higher-priority issues than to fix Google AdWords right now
  25. You don’t have the attention and focus to get up to speed with Google Analytics and audience segmentation
  26. You know you should be using data in your business but still make most decisions on gut feel
  27. The thought of Excel analysis fills you with dread and anxiety
  28. You find yourself closely watching your competitors
  29. You’re worried you’re slipping behind and can’t keep up
  30. You think machine learning is just a big fad for big companies with an endless budget
  31. You’re secretly worried robots are taking over the world and you’re not ready
  32. You feel like you don’t have a niche or point of difference any more
  33. You’re worried that becoming more specialised might reduce your target market and lose customers
  34. You feel you need to do something but don’t know where to start
  35. You don’t have a business plan or strategy, you don’t feel motivated
  36. You spend most of your week fixing things rather than improving things, you don’t feel in control
  37. You know there’s a lot of wastage in your AdWords campaigns but you don’t know how to solve it
  38. You know half of your AdWords spend is inefficient but you don’t know which half
  39. You know you’re targeting the wrong people but don’t know what setting to change
  40. You have a great business offering and wonder why more people don’t get in touch
  41. You start blaming the NBN for your lack of sales
  42. You know there must be opportunities to increase sales and feel frustrated you aren’t making progress
  43. You receive phone calls from Google offering complimentary campaign setups and improvements
  44. You get lots of emails from AdWords agencies offering instant success
  45. You feel confused and overloaded with what’s out there
  46. Everyone’s a Google AdWords expert, everyone’s got an opinion, you don’t know who to trust
  47. The last Google expert promised the world and disappointed
  48. You want to get more sales from AdWords but don’t want to lose money trying
  49. You can’t find someone who listens, wants to understand your business, and gives you undivided attention
  50. You can’t find someone experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about running successful AdWords campaigns
  51. You don’t have time to micro-manage an AdWords expert, you want an AdWords expert who can manage themselves and take charge
  52. You don’t know the AdWords jargon so feel embarrassed to contact an expert, you don’t know what questions to ask
  53. You worry that changing your AdWords strategy might be a complete waste of time
  54. You worry enquiries and sales might go backwards
  55. You don’t want to commit to a long-term contract for something so unpredictable
  56. You don’t have the budget to outsource your AdWords campaigns to an expert (highly-skilled people are expensive)
  57. You need sales now and you can’t wait forever to see results
  58. Staff wages, expenses and outgoings fill you mind with anxiety
  59. Seasonality causes cash flow issues and uncertainty about the future
  60. Your costs are rising and sales seem stagnant, revenue hasn’t grown as much as hoped
  61. You struggle to get an outside perspective on your business
  62. No-one seems to give you the time of day, everyone wants to sell you something
  63. You feel you’re becoming out of touch with online marketing but know it needs to be embraced for long-term growth
  64. Everyone’s doing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest except you
  65. You have higher priorities in life than researching AdWords techniques and number-crunching Excel spreadsheets
  66. You enjoy your business, really you do, but its causing cloudless sleepless nights and endless anxiety


If any of the above sound familiar, give me a call.

Happy to listen.

Alan Mitchell

Alan Mitchell

Alan Mitchell is a Google AdWords PPC specialist, based in Melbourne, Australia, with a proven track record at improving return on investment (ROI) from Google AdWords. Find out how Alan can help your business.