I'm a Google AdWords certified PPC specialist, with over 12 years experience setting up, managing, and improving PPC campaigns for businesses in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, and Canada.

I’ve developed successful pay per click (PPC) strategies for small businesses and international brands in the retail, ecommerce, travel, professional services, and finance sectors, and helped a variety of businesses and brands improve their return on investment (ROI) from PPC marketing.

Originally from the UK, I studied Business Economics at the University of Sheffield. While my degree gave me a solid foundation in both economic and business theory, it also prompted a more analytical and scientific perspective of the traditionally creative discipline of marketing. This led me into the PPC industry, which I found to be a perfect balance between logical and creative, art and science, words and numbers.

This challenge of diagonal thinking encouraged a more holistic and considered perspective to PPC marketing, and I have since developed and refined my PPC methodologies, to approach pay per click challenges with viewpoints from both the logical and creative ends of the spectrum.

It is this unusual blend of logicality and creativity which forms the foundation of Calculate Marketing. I am confident this scientific approach can be extremely effective in delivering value from paid search, and hope to have the opportunity to help you achieve your PPC marketing goals.

Photo of Alan Mitchell